Foreign Trade Zone
  • The Port of West Sacramento operates Foreign Trade Zone #143. Trade Zones are designated areas within the United States where qualifying businesses are considered "out of the country" for customs purposes.
  • The Port of West Sacramento may designate sub-zones for companies within 60 miles or a 90-minute drive time of the zone boundary.
  • Businesses can reduce costs by deferring, reducing or eliminating customs duties on imported products and materials. Merchandise exported from, or imported into an FTZ is excluded from customs duties and excise taxes until the product leaves the FTZ for U.S. consumption.
  • Companies may import foreign and domestic merchandise for storage, display, assembly, manufacture, processing or packaging.

The Foreign Trade Zone Schedule can be found here: FTZ Schedule

The Foreign Trade Zones Board link provides a production savings calculator:

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For more information about Foreign Trade Zone #143, please contact:

Diane Richards
City of West Sacramento
Phone: 916-617-4535