Board of Appeals

The Board of Appeals serves as the code appeals board, relocation appeals board and hazardous materials advisory commission. They shall hear appeals by the fire chief and/or building official regarding the suitability of alternative materials and methods of construction; and provide interpretation pertaining to uniform codes and city ordinances. Also appeals from determinations by the relocation director; and periodically review activities of the Fire Department's hazardous Materials Program.  Membership preference is granted to those with backgrounds in architecture, civil engineering, building trades, or fire protection.  Other desired backgrounds include: toxicology, epidemiology, health education, commercial business, industry, environmental technology, public interest groups, and labor organizations.  A member of the Board of Appeals may be appointed to serve as a member of the Disaster Council.  The Disaster Council assists with the development of emergency and mutual aid plans and agreements and actions as needed to implement such plans and agreements.

The Board meets on an as-needed basis and once a year for a staff briefing on the Hazardous Materials Program.  The Board is staffed by the City Clerk's Office (617-4500).

Sean Arnold
Mark Gini
Diane Gould
William Naddy
Erin Wintersteen
Richard Reed, Alternate Member

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