All gifts to the City/Agency equal to or greater than $50 must be reported on FPPC Form 801.
  For more infomation please see the following administrative policies:  
Gifts to AgencyEmployee Use of Passes or Tickets, Public Official Appointments, and Behested Payment Reports.

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 Ticket Policy 
Behested Payment Reports
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 Form 803-Cabaldon-05/13/14 
Public Official Appointments (Form 806)
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 Form 806-Public Official Appointments 
Reported Gifts to Agency (Form 801)
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 04-27-2010-Enligna USA 
 9/24/08 - Raley's Family of Stores 
Tickets Provided by Agency (Form 802)
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 River Cats Parking - August 2017 
 River Cats Tickets - August 2017 
 River Cats Parking - July 2017 
 River Cats Tickets - July 2017 
 River Cats Parking - June 2017 
 River Cats Tickets - June 2017 
 River Cats Vouchers - June 2017 
 River Cats Parking - May 2017 
 River Cats Tickets - May 2017 
 River Cats Vouchers - May 2017 
 River Cats Parking - April 2017 
 River Cats Tickets - April 2017 
 River Cats Vouchers - April 2017 
 River Cats Parking - August 2016 
 River Cats Tickets - August 2016 
 River Cats Vouchers - August 2016 
 River Cats Parking - July 2016 
 River Cats Tickets - July 2016 
 River Cats Vouchers - July 2016 
 River Cats Parking - June 2016 
 River Cats Tickets - June 2016 
 River Cats Vouchers - June 2016 
 River Cats Parking - April 2016 
 River Cats Parking - May 2016 
 River Cats Tickets - April 2016 
 River Cats Tickets - May 2016 
 River Cats Vouchers - April 2016 
 River Cats Vouchers - May 2016 
 9-11-11-Agency Officials 
 9-11-11-Agency Officials 
 9-11-11-Bushido Martial Arts Center 
 9-11-11-Capitol Bowl 
 9-11-11-City of Woodland 
 9-11-11-Mounting Systems 
 9-11-11-Roco Wine and Spirits 
 9-11-11-Sacramento Metro Chamber 
 9-11-11-West Sac. Chamber of Commerce 
 9-10-11-Agency Official 
 9-10-11-Agency Officials 
 9-10-11-Agency Officials 
 9-10-11-Agency Officials 
 9-10-11-Agency Officials 
 9-10-11-Yolo County Children's Allicance 
 9-11-11-Agency Officials 
 9-11-11-Agency Officials 
 9-11-11-Agency Officials 
 9-11-11-Agency Officials 
 9-11-11-Agency Officials 
 9-11-11-Yolo County Children's Alliance 
 9-9-11-Agency Officials 
 9-9-11-Agency Officials 
 9-9-11-Agency Officials 
 9-9-11-Yolo County Children's Alliance 
 8-29-11-Swim West Sacramento 
 8-30-11-DSR Express 
 9-1-11-L & S Marketing 
 9-1-11-RLJ Enterprises 
 8-18-11 DGSE Diane Gould 
 8-19-11-McWong International 
 8-19-11-Outrageous Rubs 
 Vouchers - Agency Official 
 Vouchers-Agency Official 
 Vouchers-Agency Official 
 Vouchers-Agency Official 
 Vouchers-Agency Official 
 Vouchers-Agency Official 
 Vouchers-Royce Video 
 8-12-11 Hareline Graphics, Inc. 
 8-12-11 RLJ Enterprises 
 8-13-11 Cardoza Investigations 
 8-13-11 Fearon May Events 
 Vouchers-Yolo County Children's Alliance 
 7-30-11-Nor Cal Beverage Co. 
 7-31-11-Career Fasten 
 7-31-11-Outrageous Rubs 
 7-31-11-RLJ Enterprises 
 7-31-11-US Glass, Inc. 
 7-31-11-West Sacramento Da Vita 
 Vouchers-North CA Construction Training 
 7-14-11-CA School Boards Assoc. 
 7-15-11-Collicutt Energy Services 
 7-16-11-L & S Marketing 
 7-16-11-Principal, Peterson & Assoc. 
 7-17-11-RLJ Enterprises 
 7-23-11-River City Car Wash 
 7-24-11-L & S Marketing 
 7-24-11-McWong International 
 7-24-11-Ramos Oil 
 7-24-11-RLJ Enterprises 
 7-25-11-US Glass, Inc. 
 6-10-11-Colorite, LLC 
 6-10-11-L & S Marketing 
 6-10-11-The Petrous Group 
 6-11-11-The Petrous Group 
 6-11-11-US Glass, Inc. 
 6-12-11-Alchemist Community Dev. Corp. 
 6-17-11-Capay Organics 
 6-18-11-Lipimetix Biomedical, LLC 
 6-19-11-Sharp Eye Images 
 6-20-11-MMG Technologies 
 6-9-11-DB Shenker SMF 
 Vine McKinnon & Hall 
 06-02-11-Golden Days ADHC 
 06-02-11-Sunbelt Controls 
 06-03-11-Crown Lift Trucks 
 5-23-11-Mayoral co. 
 04-26-11 Flirt Salon & Spa 
 05-19-11 California Fuel Cell Partnership 
 05-20-11 Parks Electric 
 05-20-11 Sephen Coyle Potography 
 05-21-11 Sydney's Pet Sitters 
 05-22-11 CA State Controller's Office 
 05-22-11 Head to Toes Learning Center 
 05-24-11 DSR Express 
 05-24-11 Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce 
 05-26-11 Anderson Wireless 
 05-04-11 Ripper's Body Shop 
 05-05-11 Fleet Vehicle Source 
 05-07-11 Eurest Dining Services 
 05-08-11 Growing Tree Early Education Center 
 05-09-11 Bateman Senior Meals 
 Design Furnishings 
 04-07-11-WPCS International-Suisun City, Inc. 
 04-08-11-EB Harding 
 04-08-11-Heavenly Touch Cleaning Services 
 04-09-11-Tim Kwong Insurance Agency 
 04-10-11-Low Cost Auto 
 04-10-11-RLJ Enterprises 
 04-10-11-US Glass, Inc. 
 04-12-11-Evil Genius Racing 
 09-08-10-Agency Official 
 09-08-10-Agency Official 
 05-23-10-J & F Pool Plastering 
 05-25-10-MMG Technology Group 
 06-27-10-Conway Communication 
 07-28-10-U.S. Glass 
 07-29-10-Sydney's Pet Sitters 
 08-01-10-Home Loan Processing Service 
 08-15-10-Hurtado Insurance Agency 
 08-16-10-Test America 
 08-29-10-Capitol Mailing Services 
 6-19-10 & 7-27-10-Anchor Supply 
 Agency Official 
 Agency Official 
 Agency Official 
 Bridgeway Elementary School 
 Bridgeway Island Elementary 
 Elkhorn Elementary 
 Growing Tree 
 Holy Cross Elementary School 
 Riverbank Elementary School 
 Southport Elementary School 
 Tom's House of Hydraulics 
 Tremaine & Associates-07/09/10 
 West Sacramento CERT Team 
 West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce 
 Westmore Oaks Elementary School 
 WS Golf Fanatics Club 
 WS Health & Wellness Committee 
 WS School for Independent Study 
 Yolo County Arts Council 
 Yolo High School 
 Amanda Vine Hall 
 Associated Energy Systems 
 Blackburn Consulting 
 Collicutt Energy Service 
 DB Schenker 
 Holidog Inn 
 Hydro Nation 
 Independent Utility Supply 
 Rice Association 
 River Dogs 
 State Farm 
 Tomra Pacific 
 Vine, McKinnon & Hall 
 Vine, McKinnon & Hall 
 Ancor Supply 
 Black Burn Consulting 
 Black Burn Consulting 2 
 Collicutt Energy Supply 
 Grid Sense 
 Hydro Nation 
 Independent Utility Supply 
 J & F Pool Plaster 
 Mike McGlothlin 
 Road Machinery 
 Sacramento Pacific Corp 
 Shell Lubricants 
 Splash Hounds 
 Tomra Pacific 
 Western Regional 
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