Building and Fire Division Documents

Here you will find frequently used documents for the Building and Fire Divisions; including submittal requirements, checklists and other valuable information for obtaining building permits.

Building Division
 2016 California Building Code Design Criteria 
 Accessible Parking 
Diagram showing requirements for accessible parking.
 Accessory Structures-attached & detached 
This handout summarizes the requirements for a complete plan review submittal for detached and attached structures.
 Bathroom Remodel - Residential 
Important requirements for residential bathroom remodel projects.
 CALGreen Residential Mandatory Measures 
 Certificate of Location 
Location certificate required at foundation inspection.
 Commercial Tenant Improvement Checklist 
 Conventional Framing & Bracing 
Information on light wood-frame conventional construction. Braced panel & nailing schedules
 Demolition & Disconnection of Utilities 
Information on obtaining Demolition permit and disconnection of utilities. Contact information for Yolo Solano Air Quality and Recycling & Parks Divisions.
 Electric Vehicle Charging System - Commercial 
 Electric Vehicle Charging System - Residential 
Information on obtaining a permit for residential electric vehicle charging systems.
 Electric Vehicle Charging System Ordinance 
City of West Sacramento Ordinance 17-16 regarding the expedition of vehicle charging system permits.
 Emergency Egress 
Requirements for exiting a building.
 Exempted Work-Work That Does Not Require a Building Permit 
Here is a list of different types of jobs that do not require a Building Permit
 Fire Damage Repair 
Information on obtaining a permit for repairs of fire damaged buildings.
 Garage Conversion 
Plan submittal checklist for converting a residential garage to habitable living space.
 Gas Piping Sizing 
Information on determining the correct sizing for natural gas piping. Installation and inspection requirements. Includes a sample sizing chart
 HVAC Split System Attic Installation (Residential) 
An installation checklist for attic installed split system HVAC units. Information on attic access, required platforms, venting clearances, etc.
 Inspection Requirements 
Information and requirements for construction inspections.
 Kitchen Remodels 
Checklist and information on plan submittal for kitchen remodels.
 Manufactured Home Inspection 
Information on required inspections when installing a manufactured home.
 New Commercial Buldings & Additions 
Plan submittal checklist and information for new commercial and industrial buildings and new commercial additions.
 New Multi-Family Buildings 
Plan submittal checklist for new multi-family residential and mixed-use buildings.
 New Single Family Dwelling 
Plan submittal checklist and requirements for new single-family reidential dwelling unit.
 PASS Project Submittal Checklist 
 Patio Covers-Residential Attached 
Illustration examples and information on developing drawings for attached patio covers.
 Photovoltaic Checklist 
Plan submittal requirements for photovoltaic systems.
 Plot Plan Example 
Example of a site plan or plot plan required for permit application.
 Reroof Procedure and Inspection Requirements - Residential 
Requirements and procedures for residential reroof inspections.
 Residential Addition Checklist 
Checklist for residential addition plan submittal.
 Residential Care Facility Guidelines 
 Residential Re-Roof Energy Compliance Form 
This form is required to be completed whenever a residential roof is installed.
 Residential Window Change Out - Like for Like 
Information on obtaining a permit for residential window replacement when the size of the opening is not being changed.
 RFP Package 
 RFP Packet1 
 Roof Repitch 
Plan submittal checklist for changing the pitch of an existing residential roof.
 SB 407 - Water Conserving Plumbing Fixtures 
Information on Senate Bill 407 which requires water-conserving plumbing fixtures. Self-certification form included.
Plan submittal requirements for signage.
 Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms 
Information on smoke and carbon monoxide alarms including location requirements.
 Storage Racks 
Plan submittal requirements for storage racking.
 Swimming Pools & Spas 
Plan submittal requirements and information on inspections & safety features.
 Swimming Pools & Spas - Energy Compliance Form 
Energy compliance form for residential swimming pools. CF2R-PLB-03-E
 Water Heater Installation - Residential 
Requirements for installation of a Residential water heater
 Yearly Report - 2015 
 Yearly Report - 2016 
 Yearly Report - 2017 
Fire Division
Section UL
 2016 Ordinance 16-5 
2016 Fire Ordinance and adoption of 2016 California Building, Fire, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, Residential, Energy, Green Building and International Property Codes and ammendments.
 Above Ground Tanks 
Submittal requirements for obtaining a building permit for an AST (Above Ground Storage Tank)
 Address Guidelines 
Information on requirements of premises identification-address numbers-on Residential and Commercial buildings within the city.
 Breathing Air Pipe System 
Standards for highrise piped air breathing systems. Information and requirements.
 Fire Code Requirements for Single-Family Dwellings 
 Fire Damage Repair 
Application and information on obtaining a permit to repair damage caused by fire.
 Fire Flow Requirements 
Information on required water flow for fire protection-Commercial and Residential.
 Fire Sprinkler Standard 
Fire sprinkler system design criteria and requirements.
 Gate Standards 
Information on Fire Department access gates and barriers.
 High-Piled Combustible Storage 
Plan submittal checklist for high-piled combustible storage racking.
 Highrise Standards 
Standards for life and fire safety in high rise (75 feet & higher) buildings within the city.
 Large Family Day Care Homes 
Information and requirements for homes being used as a care facility.
 Paint Spray Booths 
Plan review requirements for paint spray booths.
 Radio Building Standard 
Requirements for radio communication systems within buildings.