Welcome to the Development Engineering Division

The Development Engineering Division provides review and oversight of residential , commercial, industrial and multi-family projects. Collects fees and issues permits for Grading, Encroachment , connection and onsite permits.

Below is a list of common projects that require Development Engineering Division review:

  • Work in the Right-Of-Way or Public Utility Easement
    • Sidewalks                 
    • Curb/Gutter
    • Utilities
    • Driveways
    • Connections to water, sewer, and storm drains 
  • Pools
  • Grading
  • On-site work outside of the building for commercial, industrial and multi-family projects
  • Process right-of-way abandonments, Parcel Maps, and Final Maps

If you have questions on whether your project requires an Encroachment Permit, you should contact Development Engineering Division for assistance.   
Community Development Department
1110 West Capitol Ave.
2nd Floor

West Sacramento, CA   95691
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