Southport Sacramento River Levee Improvement Project

South River Road Closure Announcement

Southport Levee Improvement Project - Construction Update for November 2017

Slurry wall construction at the south end of the setback levee is now complete and levee embankment work continues between Bees Lake and Davis Road. Approximately 12,200 feet of slurry wall installation has been completed to date and crews are preparing to start additional slurry wall work along the north end of the setback levee later this month. Slurry wall and embankment work along the setback levee will be ongoing this fall and into the winter as weather permits. All borrow material for embankment fill is coming from adjacent properties with only limited trucking along Village Parkway. Work at the offsite borrow source just south of the city limits has been completed and the site will be restored this month. Roadway improvements and utility removal along South River Road at the south end of the City are wrapping up and paving work has been completed. Traffic control will remain along South River Road until striping and sign installation is complete. The northern segment of South River Road between Davis Road and Locks Drive remains open for local and marina traffic and is only accessible from Locks Drive

In an effort to make up for the lost work production this past construction season as a result of the unseasonably wet winter and various other project delays encountered, WSAFCA staff, the construction management team and the contractor will be meeting this winter to strategize on construction scheduling, staffing, equipment, and overall operations for the 2018 construction season. The ultimate goal is to finish construction of the project within the very aggressive 2 year completion schedule (by the end of 2018) as originally planned. Success will be highly dependent on how wet the upcoming winter season is and how early the contractor will be able to begin meaningful earthwork embankment work next year!!!!! Updated by Chelsea Grow 11/13/17

Updated by Chelsea Grow 11/13/17

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If you have any questions regarding the project, call the project hotline: (916) 617-5036