Southport Sacramento River Levee Improvement Project

South River Road Closure Announcement

Construction activities for the Southport Levee Improvements Project are continuing to move along! The contractor has started placing levee embankment material just north of Davis Road and will proceed south along the setback levee alignment. Most of the borrow material is coming from adjacent properties, but we are also hauling from an offsite borrow source just south of the city limits. Hauling from the offsite area will have trucks travelling along Jefferson Boulevard to Davis Road and towards the project area along the Sacramento River. Exploration drilling activities are occurring at the north end of the project and includes a rolling lane closure which will last until the second week of August.

Traffic control along South River Road between Locks Drive and Davis Road is ongoing and will be opened to local traffic only. Access to the marinas and the Sacramento River is currently being maintained via Linden Road and Locks Drive but access via Linden Road is scheduled to be removed in September 2017. It is recommended that the public use Village Parkway as an alternate route. Access to the marinas along South River Road will be maintained throughout the duration of the project. The project team continues to work closely with the contractor so that construction of the project stays on track for a very aggressive two year completion schedule.

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July 2017 Construction Photos
Spring 2017 Photos

Watch the Facebook Live video of the Southport Sacramento River Levee Groundbreaking Event

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If you have any questions regarding the project, call the project hotline: (916) 617-5036