Bryte & Broderick Visioning

The City of West Sacramento wants Bryte and Broderick residents to have a voice in the future of their community. In a partnership between the City of West Sacramento and the community, the City hosted a series of events and activities from March through August 2008. The purpose? Get neighbors talking about what they like best about Bryte and Broderick and encourage engagement in creating a shared vision for their neighborhoods.

The process included the mapping of community assets that represent the best of Bryte and Broderick. City staff and a community building consultant spent four months meeting with local groups in a journey to discover hopes, dreams and ideas for the future of Bryte and Broderick.

The Community Engagement and Visioning Project concluded with a shared graphic vision on August 9, 2008, created by Bryte and Broderick residents for these two West Sacramento neighborhoods. The vision was a powerful representation of the community's collective dream and the cornerstone of Phase I of a City-led planning process for the Bryte and Broderick neighborhoods.  Phase 2 will be the development of a five-year strategy for collaborating with Bryte and Broderick residents to work toward the vision of a strong and vibrant future for the neighborhoods.  This process will begin in Spring 2009.

One significant outcome of the Visioning Project that has already produced results is the organization of the Bryte and Broderick Community Action Group.  Dozens of residents have come together to promote communication and the unique culture and character of the Bryte and Broderick neighborhoods.  For more information see the BBCAG website at

Bryte and Broderick From the Heart