Homeless Strategy

The City of West Sacramento is a member of the Yolo County Homeless Coalition. The Coalition facilitates grant writing and coordinates referrals between non-profit and governmental homeless services providers on a county basis.
In response to community member concerns regarding the effects of homelessness, a study was undertaken to assemble information garnered from neighborhood residents, the business community, social service agencies, and persons experiencing homelessness through a series of community meetings and personal interviews.  

Combined with extensive research on homeless programs across the nation, the resulting 2013 Homeless Update contains the best available data on the status of homelessness in West Sacramento.    The Update includes a set of guiding principles to inform homeless policy in West Sacramento:   respect, sustainability, accountability and cooperation.

As a result of the Homeless Update, the City developed the 2013 Homeless Action Plan to address concerns and improve services available to persons experiencing homelessness in West Sacramento.   The Action Plan is based on the principles from the Homeless Update, and focuses on:   enhancing public safety; improving communication between the City, County and other stakeholders; expanding resources available to combat homelessness; and developing effective delivery systems for services.

Both documents are available for download below:

2013 Homeless Update

2013 Homeless Action Plan