Inclusionary Housing Program

The City of West Sacramento has implemented an inclusionary housing program to increase the amount of affordable housing in the City and to promote the development of mixed-income communities. The program requires developers of all new residential projects to include at least 10% of their units as affordable to lower-income households.

Information for Prospective Homebuyers

The inclusionary housing program creates homeownership opportunities for low-income households by requiring developers to provide affordable homes in each new residential project. If you are interested in purchasing an affordable home, the first step is to apply to the City for verification of your household income. You can download the application form required for income verification at the link below.  The current income limits used to qualify applicants for the inclusionary housing program are available on this form.  This document also contains important information for homebuyers regarding the occupancy and re-sale restrictions of owning an affordable home, including "Frequently Asked Questions" about the program.

Fill out and return the application form along with the required income documentation.  Also, read the information guide and keep it for your reference.  After about 1-2 weeks you will receive a letter from the City stating the income level of your household. You may then take this letter to the sales offices of projects in West Sacramento with affordable homes for sale (if any) or the owner of an existing inclusionary home for resale. A list of current inclusionary housing projects is also available below.


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