Welcome to the Planning Division

The Planning Division is responsible for regulating the location and quality of new development in the City.  The Division also serves as a resource to assist citizens and the development community in understanding and applying development policies in accordance with the General Plan, Zoning Ordinance and other applicable property development standards.

The Planning staff work with other City staff, business leaders and citizens as advocates for better choices for where and how people work and live in the City.  Planning Division staff are the primary staff support for the Planning Commission.  Planning staff analyze entitlement applications submitted by citizens or developers and present entitlement applications before the Planning Commission at a public hearing.  Planning Division staff also conduct environmental review of projects in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).  Types of entitlement applications include the following:

  • Conditional Use Permits
  • Design Review Applications
  • Divisions of Land (i.e. Tentative Parcel Maps [4 lots or less] or Tentative Subdivision Maps [5 lots or more])
  • General Plan Amendments and/or Rezoning Applications
  • Lot Line Adustments  or Property Mergers
  • Planned Development Permits
  • Variance Applications

The Planning Division also works on long range projects that often take several years to complete.  Currently the City of West Sacramento is in the process of updating its General Plan.  The General Plan serves as the constitution for development of the community by setting forth a long term plan consisting of a land use diagram, goals, policies and implementation measures.  The Planning Division is also responsible for the various specific plans within the City. 

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