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 Wireless Telecommunications Facilities Policy (Updated 6/15/16) 
Wireless Telecommunications Facilities Policy (Updated 6/15/16)
 Raley's Landing Final EIR 
 Raley's Landing Draft Environmental Impact Report 
 Residential Fence Height Standards 
 Washington District Sustainable Community Infrastructure Project - Streetscape Notice of Exemption 
 Land Use Matrix 
 Washington Realized Complete Community Strategy-Washington Specific Plan Area
 Washington Realized - Appendices Complete Community Strategy-Washington Specific Plan Area
 Master Tree List 
 Southport Framework Plan Final EIR 
 Southport Framework Plan DEIR 
 SB5 Flood Protection General Plan Amendment Initial Study/Negative Declaration 
 Washington District Historic Resources Survey 2014 
 Draft Climate Action Plan 
City of West Sacramento Draft Climate Action Plan
 Adopted 2013 Housing Element 
 Grand Gateway Master Plan 
 Bridge District Plan Vol IV (Approved by City Council 2/17/2010) 
 Bridge District Levee Levee Access Road and River Walk Trail Project Draft: Subsiquent Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration
River Walk Draft MND
 Bridge District Specific Plan - Draft SEIR 
Bridge District Specific Plan Draft SEIR 2009
 Bridge District Specific Plan - Final SEIR 
Final SEIR Bridge District Specific Plan 2009
 Bridge District Plan Vol I (Approved by City Council 11/18/2009) 
 Bridge District Plan Vol. II (Approved by City Council 11/18/2009) 
 Riverpoint Marketplace Design Guidelines (PD-45) 
 2003 Parks Master Plan 
 General Plan Background Report 
 Landscape Development Guidelines 
 Southport Design Guidelines 
 Southport Framework Plan 
 Washington Specific Plan 
 West Capitol Avenue/Central Business District Design Guidelines 
 General Plan Policy Document 2008