A special event permit application is required for those events with the following conditions:

  • Alcohol will be served or sold
  • Street or sidewalk closure is required
  • Traffic control is needed
  • Amplified or elevated sound is involved
  • Tent canopies or awnings over 200 square feet will be used
  • Temporary structures i.e. stages will be constructed
  • Armed security will be present
  • There will be more than 100 attendees

        For exceptions see City Municipal Code Section 12.08.030

Permit Application forms are to be filed no less than thirty (30) days prior to the event or will be subject to late fees.  These forms, including all necessary attachments, are to be submitted to City Hall First Floor with Parks and Recreation to Ana Padilla.  The Permit Application fee and any applicable fees are to be paid at the time of application submission. 

Upon submission of all required form(s), the Police Department will circulate the form(s) to the appropriate City departments and regulatory agencies for approval.  The contact person(s) listed on the application form will be notified of their approval status within fifteen (15) calendar days.  The Police Department reserves the right to assess each event and determine if a notification or permit is required.


Click here to download the Special Event Permit Application.

For events that DO NOT have any of the above listed special conditions, please refer to the Special Event Notification page.