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Tom McDonald, Chief of Police
550 Jefferson Boulevard
West Sacramento, CA 95605
Non-Emergency Dispatch:  (916) 372-3375

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What Does The Police Department Do?

Police PatchThe West Sacramento Police Department is committed to providing quality service to the community and its guests through maintaining order, fostering a sense of security, enforcing the laws of the city and State and supporting the Constitution of the United States of America and the State of California. The Police Department provides a full range of police services to the residents of West Sacramento, 24 hours a day, 7 days of week. The Police Department is responsible for patrolling city neighborhoods, the business districts, responding to calls for service, investigating crime and arresting offenders and working closely with the community to identify and solve problems of crime and neighborhood disorder. We also provide educational programs to assist our citizens with making their homes and surrounding areas a safe and enjoyable place to live.

The Department is comprised of the following divisions:
Administration, Support Services and Field Operations.

  • West Sacramento Christmas Basket Project to Host a Toy Run, Custom Car Show and Rolling Cruise The car show and rolling cruise is being held to seek donations to support the Christmas Basket Project and the Police Department's toy and clothing Christmas delivery to help qualified families enjoy the Christmas holiday.  The event is scheduled for Saturday, November 9th at Raley Field beginning at 10:00 a.m.  Read more..     Map of Car Cruise   Flyer
  • Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Program.  The West Sacramento Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Program was formed in 2001 to serve the citizens of West Sacramento and the employees of the West Sacramento Police Department.  The program serves both law enforcement personnel and victims of crime in our community.  Read more

  • Press Releases.    View our latest news and information.

  • City Park Activities.   In working to provide safe and accessible park facilities to all members of the community, the West Sacramento Police Department and the West Sacramento Parks and Recreation Department would like to remind the community of the city ordinances related to activities within the parks. Activities within the city’s park facilities are governed by the City of West Sacramento Municipal Code. Municipal Code violations are a misdemeanor and subject to citation or arrest. Some of the more common violations involve being in a park after the permitted hours, alcohol use and possession in parks, fireworks use and possession and minors violating curfew. (Sections, 9.08.020, 9.16.040, 12.12.030)   Please take the time to review the Municipal Code related to the parks. Thank you for your assistance in making the City of West Sacramento "A Vibrant City Where You Can Live, Work and Play". 

  • Honda Hills Area Restrictions. The West Sacramento Police Department and the West Sacramento Redevelopment Agency would like to inform the public of the restrictions for access of the area known as Honda Hills located on South River Road east of Jefferson Blvd in West Sacramento. For many years, this area has been frequented by the public for use of off-road vehicles, four wheel drive vehicles and other prohibited activities. Foot and bicycle traffic is this area is permitted. All off-road vehicle, motorcycle, four wheel drive vehicle access is prohibited in addition to camping, camp fires, littering and dumping. The South River Road area on the north and east side of Honda Hills is a designated NO PARKING AREA and is posted. Violations of local and state codes may result in the issuance of a citation or arrest.

  • Emergency Preparedness. The City of West Sacramento, similar to other cities throughout the country, is subject to disasters, natural or human-caused. Because the city is almost surrounded by water, the possibility of flooding exists. In order to be prepared for a flood or any other type of disaster, the Police and Fire Departments in consultation with the Washington Unified School District have designed a plan for the coordinated evacuation of all or any part of the City. Read more...

    Police Station
    550 Jefferson Boulevard

    (916) 617-4900

    Lobby Hours:


    8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    Non-Emergency Dispatch

    (916) 372-3375

    Crime Tip Hotline:
    (916) 617-4747