Elkhorn/Broderick Water Main

Location of project:
The project was located in the Elkhorn and Broderick neighborhoods.

Completion Date:
December 2009

Brief description of project:
The Elkhorn\Broderick Area Water Main Replacement Project provided new water mains of increased size and flow capacity, new modern fire hydrants and new water services with meters to existing residents and businesses in the project area. The new water distribution system was designed to meet existing and future water needs, including the requirements of all state and local health codes and the City of West acramento Standard Specifications. The project placed over 12,200 LF (lineal feet) of new 6 inch, 8 inch, and 16 inch water mains and installed over 1,200 meters. The project was consistent with Council approved Bryte and Broderick improvement strategy.

Project Manager:
Dereck Goodwin