Sacramento River Crossing Alternatives Study

Location of project:
Across the Sacramento River between West Sacramento and Sacramento.

Estimated Completion Date:

Brief description of project:
The City of West Sacramento and City of Sacramento are jointly conducting a study to analyze feasibility and impacts of potential new crossings of the Sacramento River. Additional river crossings would provide improved connectivity between the two communities. The study will evaluate a variety of alternatives, from a “no build” option to multiple potential crossing facilities and locations. The planning process and outcomes will reflect consideration of landuse implications, transportation effects, environmental constraints, costs and other related issues.

The project will result in a final report on potential crossing locations, concepts for potential crossing facilities, transportation impacts, onceptual cost estimates and other findings from an evaluation of alternatives. The study also will identify the consequences of adding or not adding river crossings to the transportation network, and how these consequences will influence existing and planned development.

Jointly funded by both the cities of Sacramento and West Sacramento with local funding sources, the study is part of the ongoing effort between the cities to develop a shared vision for the Sacramento riverfront. This shared vision includes development focused near the riverfront consistent with regional plans, including the Sacramento Region Blueprint, and improved connections for all forms of travel between the communities. The final study report is expected to be presented to the two City Councils by the end of calendar year 2010.

The project team has assembled a Stakeholder Advisory Committee that includes representatives of numerous neighborhood, business and environmental organizations in Sacramento and West Sacramento to ensure significant community input. The initial Stakeholder Advisory Committee meeting was held in April, and the group will meet monthly through August. Two public workshops will also be scheduled to share information with the general public.

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Sacramento River Crossing Study

Jason McCoy, Project Manager
(916) 617-4832