Location of project:
 Tower Bridge Gateway

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Tower Bridge Gateway at Third and Fifth Streets, extending from the Tower Bridge to Garden Street

Estimated Completion Date:
Summer 2011

Brief description of project:

This project reconfigure the eastern end of Tower Bridge Gateway from a former freeway to a boulevard that serves the Bridge District and Washington neighborhoods as well as through traffic.  The existing underpass at Third Street was eliminated, and a new intersection at Fifth Street connects with Riske Lane behind Raley Field.  Two new at-grade intersections were constructed at Fifth Street and Third Street, linking to the adjoining street network and accommodating pedestrian crossings. The improvements integrate Tower Bridge Gateway and the surrounding street network, removing the major obstacle to the development in the City’s Bridge District and the Washington Specific Plan area.  It completes the connection to the newly developed Civic Center area.

Additional features include:

  • Reconstruction of existing Tower Bridge Gateway roadway with two lanes of through vehicle traffic in each direction.
  • Addition of 20-foot wide landscaped sidewalk on each side of Tower Bridge Gateway. 
  • Addition of 6-foot wide bicycle lanes on each side of Tower Bridge Gateway.
  • Landscaping and irrigation on Tower Bridge Gateway and Third Street.
  • New curb and gutter on both sides of Tower Bridge Gateway and connecting Third Street and Fifth Street.
  • New sidewalks (12 foot wide, providing a pedestrian pathway to back gate of Raley Field at Ballpark Drive), new median up to 10 feet wide, crosswalks, streetscape, curb and gutter on Fifth Street and Third Street at intersections with Tower Bridge Gateway.
  • Construction of bus stops with shelters.
  • Drainage improvements, sewer and water system modifications.
  • Pedestrian and street lighting. 

Project Manager:
Jay Davidson

  Photo #1- Demolition of Bridges  Photo #2- Roadway Excavation
 Photo #3- Storm Drainage Pipe Installation  Photo #4- Grading of Roadway