Water Meters (Completed)

Location of project:

The city has been working on installing or replacing water meters at residential and business lots throughout the city.

Completion Date:
Assembly Bill (AB) 514 requires the City to be completely metered by January 1, 2013. The city is currently 43% metered.

Brief description of project:
The City requires new development and major remodel projects to place meters on residential and business properties. The city has also been placing meters on older residential lots during water main replacement projects since 2005.

These methods have been very successful as the city is now 43% metered. The city plans to meet the AB 514 requirements by continuing water meter installations in conjunction with water main replacement projects, and by adding stand alone water meter projects that encompass entire neighborhoods. Every home with a meter receives a water utility bill that shows the quantity of water being used each month and has the option to switch from flat rate to metered rate at any time by calling the city Finance Department at (916) 617-4575.

Project Manager:
Dereck Goodwin