Linden Acres Water Main Replacement Project

Location of Project:

The propose Project is located in the City of West Sacramento’s Northeast Village neighborhood (Southport area within Linden Acres and the Linden Acres Subdivisions). The Project site is bounded by Linden Road to the north, Mojave Drive to the west, Trinity Way to the south and the proposed Liberty Residential Development to the south and east.       

Estimated Start Date:                                                 

Summer 2019

Estimated Completion Date:

Spring 2020

Project Estimated Budget:


Brief description of project:

The purpose of the Project is to replace existing substandard backyard water mains in the Linden Acres Subdivision with new mains in the

City’s owned roadway/right-of-way. These new water mains would be placed in the existing roadway sections and would be accessible for City future maintenance. This project would also include the replacement of substandard water mains in the Linden West Subdivision (partially).  The replacement of the water mains would include approximately 11,000 linear feet of sixteen (16), twelve (12) and eight (8) inch pipes with the addition of fire hydrants and service lines (laterals) to residents that will include new water meters.

Mauricio Meza-Pedraza
Assistant Engineer, Public Works Engineering
(916) 617-4850