Linden Loop 2 Water Meter Retrofit Project

 New Water Meter Installation
Location of Project:

The project is located in the Southport area and is bounded by Linden Rd to the south, west, and north, and Summerfield Dr and Mandarin Cr to the east.  This project will also include areas in the Broderick/Bryte neighborhood.

Vicinity Map                                                               

Estimated Start Date:                                                 

July 2017

Estimated Completion Date:

August 2017
 Sensus Water Meter Body Model  SR II-EB & MXU Model 520m

Brief description of project:

The objective of this project is to continue working toward the completion of the Water Meter Implementation Program.  This water conservation effort will install new water meters at most residential lots within the project area.   This project is consistent with the water meter retrofit program. 

The project anticipates placing over 500 new meters in the Southport area and replace over 500 Smartpoint M2 Radio Tranceivers (MXUs) and over 500 new registers at residential areas where the MXU and registers have became obsolete.  Additionally, the project will also place over 500 new meter box lids that allows the MXU to be mounted under the lid, and prevent it from exposure to damage. This project will begin construction in June 2017 and be completed in July 2016. 

The City is currently 83% metered and continues installing meters to meet the California Assembly Bill 514 requirements to be fully metered.  Each residence that receives a new water meter with this project will receive additional information in their utility bill showing the quantity of water being used each month.  Every residence that has a meter has the option to switch from flat rate to metered rate at any time by calling the city Finance Department at (916) 617-4575. 

Click here for a map of the project area.

Mauricio Meza-Pedraza, EIT
Jr. Engineer, Public Works Engineering
(916) 617-4850