Sycamore Phase II & III Extension Project

Location of Project:

Class I Bicycle Route/Pedestrian trail from Evergreen Avenue / Sycamore Avenue intersection (Joey Lopes Park) to Stone Boulevard / Park Boulevard Intersection.

Estimated Start Date:                                   

Design to be Completed by early 2019

Construction to begin by mid-2018

Estimated Completion Date:

Construction to be Completed late 2020

Project Budget:                                               

Design Cost: $1.3 million.

Construction Cost: $6.4 million.                                                                                                                                 

·         $1.3 million design funds from Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) grant and local City matched funds.

·         $5.1 million construction funds from California Natural Resource Agency grant and local City matched funds.

·         $1.3 million needed for full construction of Phase II & III.                                                              

 Project Description:

In 2013, The City of West Sacramento adopted a Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Trails Master Plan with the vision of providing one of the nation’s top bicycle and pedestrian friendly communities. To fulfill this vision, the City is improving infrastructure for bicycling and walking, while capitalizing on several of City’s positive characteristics. Included in this Master Pan was the Sycamore Trail project that will extend south from APPROXIMATELY Sacramento Avenue / Yolo Street INTERSECTION to Barge Canal and ultimately to Lake Washington Boulevard / Jefferson Boulevard intersection: a safe non-vehicular pedestrian and bicycle trail that will provide connections between central City neighborhoods linking people with schools, parks, businesses and commercial centers. The Sycamore Trail is currently divided into multiple phases.

 This project will construct approximately one (1) miles of the Sycamore Trail (Phase II & III) from Evergreen Avenue / Sycamore Avenue intersection (Joey Lopes Park) to Stone Boulevard / Park Boulevard intersection, along the Lower Northwest Interceptor easement property. This project will enhance the Evergreen Avenue crossing at Sycamore Avenue and potentially the Stone Boulevard crossing at Park Boulevard.

 This project will construct a pedestrian overcrossing over US 50, east of Harbor Boulevard and west of Jefferson Boulevard. 

Project Benefits

  • Bring a multi-modal improvement to the City.
  • Provide cardiovascular exercise amenities for people of all ages, improving their health and well-being, and reducing health care costs.
  • Reduce air pollution and the consumption of nonrenewable resources by replacing automobile trips with bicycling and walking trips.
  • Reduced transportation costs.
  • Reduced traffic – bicycling and walking are viable alternatives for many short trips, including trips to work or the store.
  • Enjoyment for the whole family – all ages and experience levels can participate.


Project Contact:
Nawid Nessar
Senior Civil Engineer
Public Works Engineering