Bryte Park Master Planning

Location of project: Bryte Park Master Planning
Bryte Park

Estimated Completion Date: 
To be determined

Brief description of project:  
The Bryte Park Master Plan will provide the overall blueprint and action plan for the complete renovation of Bryte Park and the creation of a new connection to the Sacramento River Waterfront.  The Community Visioning phase of the planning process is complete.  The next step will be to identify funding needed to complete the Master Plan.

The Master Plan is necessary so the City and other civic organizations can seek grants to help fund the implementation of the plan.  The pace for developing a completed project Master Plan depends upon the available funding and the extent of consultant assistance. The City’s usual, more cost effective approach would rely heavily on staff to complete the project, using consultants only for the technical components that were not within the city's skill set.  With recent staff reductions and workload reassignments in response to the economic downturn, this approach will lead to a relatively slow planning process.  If more work were delegated to consultants, the Plan would be completed sooner, yet come at a higher "out-of-pocket" cost.  If funding is not identified, the City may decide to put the project on hold. Staff is currently reviewing the Capitol Improvement Budget for available resources.

Project Manager:
Dave Shpak