Water Meter Program

The City has been installing meters for its residents since 2008, under the Council approved Water Meter Implementation Program. This decision, by the Council, was prompted by State mandate (AB1953). Per AB1953 the City is required to install meters and charge per actual water usage for all customers. The City currently has over 13,000 residential water services and close to 80% of that number have been provided with a meter. Water meters are also required to be installed during the construction of any new residence.

All commercial, industrial and apartment buildings are currently metered and billed according to the amount of water they use. Most residential properties within the City are still billed on a flat rate, but will be required to switch to a volumetric base rate in the future. Completion of this program will allow City residents to more effectively monitor their water consumption and curtail water use, since the City will provide volumetric consumption data in the resident's monthly utility bill. The meter program continues to work towards the installation of meters and is scheduled to complete all meter installations on residential services in 2018.

If you would like a water meter installed at your residence, please contact Dereck Goodwin at the City at 916-617-4850.

The links below provide additional information on future meter installation locations, actual use rates, water bill estimates and answers to common questions:

 older installation without meter

 An older installation without a meter.

 new water meter closeup

Sensus Water Meter Body Model

 closeup of new water meter tranceiver

 SR II-EB & MXU Model 520m