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It is hard to ignore that California is in a drought. The evidence is present in the news, in our reservoirs, in our rivers and in our yards. The City of West Sacramento Water Conservation Team is here to help make water conservation a permanent part of our city’s culture.

Thankfully, West Sacramento has stepped up to the task! Take a look at how much less water we are using this year, compared to 2013.

This is how much we have conserved per month, as a percentage:

June: 40.26% July: 42.67% August: 37.62%

September: 30.04% October: 24.94% November: 25.09%

December: 18.89%

If you look ahead, you will see that our water use lessens as we enter winter. This means that water savings will be harder to come by. We have been charged by the Governor to have an overall water use reduction of 28%. In order to meet this goal we need to move our water conservation focus indoors.

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