Water Conservation

Free Water Conservation Workshops
Please join us for a free workshop series on outdoor water conservation measures. Four workshops will be held in April at the Community Center. Please see the workshop flyer for more information.

Mandatory Water Restrictions Remain in Effect!

January 26, 2015

California is still in the midst of a serious drought. The City of West Sacramento reminds the public that the outdoor watering restrictions implemented in summer are still in effect. Customers are demonstrating good conservation habits. Keep up the good work and remember to use water wisely:
--Do not use potable (drinking ) water to wash down sidewalks, driveways, streets or parking lots;
--Do not use water to wash down buildings or to cool building roofs.
--Do not water lawns or landscaping between noon and 6 p.m.
--Limit outdoor watering to the odd/even schedule. Customers with street addresses that end in an odd number may only irrigate on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Customers with street addresses that end in an even number may only irrigate on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. No irrigation is permitted on Mondays.
--Do not wash a motor vehicle with a hose unless it is fitted with an automatic shut-off nozzle.
--Do not operate a fountain or other decorative water feature unless the water is part of a recirculating system.
--Do not allow landscape irrigation to runoff to adjacent properties, non-irrigated areas, private and public walkways, roadways, parking lots or structures.
For more information about water conservation, visit http://www.rwah2o.org/
 or www.saveourwater.com

Water Waste

To report water waste, please leave a message on the Public Works Department Water Waste Message Line at (916) 617-4545 or submit

If the issue is related to City property, please call (916) 617-4857. 

Before you call, and to make efficient use of limited staff, having the following information ready would be very helpful:

  • Address of water waste. If you do not have an exact address, provide as much location information as possible.

  • Date and time that you observed the over-watering.

  • What you actually observed. For example:

    Was the water running into the gutter?

    • Approximately how long had it been running?

    • Was the over-watering from irrigation, an open hose, a broken sprinkler?

    • If you have observed over-watering at this location in the past, please provide that information also.

    Within a few days, City staff will contact the responsible party by phone, mail or in person to issue a water waste warning, if appropriate.

    For more information on water conservation: see Regional Water Authority, http://www.rwah2o.org/.