The Environmental Services Division offers programs designed to meet the needs of the majority of the community while keeping the rates as low as possible.  While we are not able to provide services for all special wastes, we do our utmost to offer information about alternatives available to our community.

Holiday Programs

Curbside service is unaffected by holidays, with the exceptions of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day. During those periods, residents will be notified in advance of the change to their pickup schedule. Please note: The pickup day is always moved one day later. For example, if your pickup day is Tuesday, your pickup would move to Wednesday, Wednesday would move to Thursday and so on.

Christmas Tree Recycling

West Sacramento residents may recycle their Christmas trees curbside by cutting them into sections small enough to fit in the yard waste cart. Place the pieces in the yard waste cart or place them (bundled) next to the yard waste cart and they will be collected on your regular service day. Please remove all tinsel, lights, ornaments, and stands.

Telephone Books

Telephone books (white pages, yellow pages) can be recycled year-round in your curbside recycling cart.

Recycling Referral Service

Do you have an old computer to get rid of and don’t know what to do with it? Or maybe some tires? The Refuse & Recycling Division can give you names of businesses that specialize in various types of recycling. Call 617-4590 or e-mail for information.

Used Motor Oil & Oil Filter Recycling

Recycling Used Motor Oil in West Sacramento is as close as the curb. Simply call the City’s Customer Service Division at 617-4589 and ask that a used motor oil container be delivered. Place the sealed container of used motor oil at the curb on your regular refuse collection day. After draining your used oil filter, place in a reclosable bag and place along side the oil container. The oil will be emptied from the container and the container left for reuse.

You may also take used motor oil & filters to a local collection center:

  • Auto Zone, 1400 W. Capitol Avenue (916) 372-6386
  • Kragen Auto Parts, 709 Jefferson Blvd (916) 372-1411

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