The cities of West Sacramento and Sacramento are developing preliminary engineering concepts for a new bridge across the Sacramento River downstream of the Pioneer Bridge. The bridge will connect South River Road on the west landing and Broadway on the east landing.

The new bridge will be defined as “neighborhood friendly” per the Sacramento Area Council of Governments. The context of being a neighborhood friendly bridge was adopted by the City of Sacramento in October of 2011 and accepted by the City of West Sacramento with acceptance of the Sacramento River Crossings Alternatives Study. The new bridge must accommodate a future streetcar alignment, and must be a moveable span structure to accommodate river traffic. In order to provide increased access between cities for all modes, the bridge design must also include infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists.

The Broadway Bridge Project is based upon the recommendations from the Sacramento River Crossings Alternatives Study completed in 2011 and the Broadway Bridge Feasibility Study completed in 2015. The River Crossings Alternatives Study identified eight potential crossing locations separated in the North, Central, and South market areas. The cities are focusing on the north and south market areas at this time. The proposed Broadway Bridge location is in the South market area.

In the North market area, a new bridge is anticipated to connect C Street in West Sacramento with Railyards Boulevard in Sacramento, just upstream from the historic I Street Bridge. Preliminary engineering and environmental studies are currently in progress for this new Sacramento River crossing.

The Broadway Bridge Project Team is coordinating with other on-going projects to enhance and improve the cities of West Sacramento and Sacramento including:

  • Broadway Complete Streets Plan
  • Riverfront Redevelopment (both sides of the Sacramento river)
  • The Riverfront Street Extension (currently in design, construction in 18 months)
  • Pioneer Bluff Transition Plan (Complete)
  • Pioneer Bluff De-Industrialization Implementation (On-going with 7-10 year estimated date of completion)
  • Pioneer Bluff Master Plan (Anticipated adoption with environmental in 2018)

The City of West Sacramento was awarded a $1.5 million federal U.S. Department of Transportation TIGER VI grant to fund the environmental and preliminary engineering phase. The cities of West Sacramento and Sacramento are each contributing $750,000 as local matches, for a total of $3 million.

Future funding is currently being sought for final design, additional public participation and outreach, right-of-way acquisition, and construction. Funding could come from a variety of local, state, and federal sources.

The two and a half year Broadway Bridge Project will evaluate the proposed bridge alignments, study the potential bridge types and landing alternatives, and complete preliminary engineering and environmental documentation for the project. 

The project team anticipates the project approval and environmental documentation (PA/ED) to be completed by the end of 2019. Following the preliminary designs, the cities expect the final design and Right-of-Way acquisition to begin in 2025 and continue until 2030.  Both cities anticipate construction to be completed between 2030 and 2035. These phases and schedule are dependent on future funding.

The Broadway Bridge Project includes a robust community engagement program to inform and involve community members of both cities throughout the process. 
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Community Open House – July 27
The Cities of West Sacramento and Sacramento hosted a joint open house to kick off the environmental assessment of the Broadway Bridge. This meeting provided an opportunity for the public to share comments or considerations related to the project’s potential environmental effects. More than 70 community member attended the community open house at Health Professions High school on July 27 from 5:00 – 6:30 p.m. A summary of feedback is now available here. 

Riverfront Renaissance – June 14
The Cities of West Sacramento and Sacramento hosted a community outreach event to discuss projects happening along the Downtown Riverfront on Wednesday, June 14 at the West Sacramento Corporation Yard.  More than 235 community members attended to learn about the Broadway Bridge project, Stone Lock, Pioneer Bluff, the I Street Bridge, Miller Park, Broadway Complete Streets and much more.  Click here for a summary of the event and feedback.

Broadway Bridge Project open house focuses on potential environmental impacts 
Broadway Bridge on the horizon but where will it land in West Sac?
Meeting centers on proposed Broadway Bridge
Riverfront revitalization community event