Traffic and Transportation

The Traffic and Transportation Section consists of Traffic Planning, Engineering and Traffic Surveys, Traffic Signals and Street Lighting, Transportation Permits, Truck Routes, Street Classification, and Highway Performance Monitoring System.

The Traffic and Transportation Section provides services in the areas of traffic engineering and planning, infrastructure design and maintenance, high-crash locations, improve pedestrian and bicycle safety in neighborhoods and at schools, evaluate the adequacy of traffic control systems and signage, develop traffic enforcement strategies, better manage and use traffic records and more.

  • News and Traffic Conditions
  • Alternative Transportation
  • Documents, Studies & Forms
  • Traffic Parking Safety Unit
  • Engineering & Traffic Surveys 
  • Traffic Signals
  • Street Lighting
  • Street Classification
  • Transportation Permits & Truck Routes
  • Traffic Committee

The Public Works Engineering Division provides engineering for all city departments and utilities. Their Services include planning, project management, design, construction contract administration and oversight for streets, bridges, sidewalks, sewer, water, drainage and other public works projects. They generate plans and specifications and bid out major public works construction projects. They also prepare maps, plans, surveys and Geographic Information System data to document the City’s utilities, built improvements, and natural features.

West Sacramento Geodetic Control  City Projects Map

Important Information
GPS Static Survey 
        2.  Jefferson Boulevard Widening - Construction Centerline   
        3.  Re-Monumentation of a Portion of COWS Geodetic Control Network

Construction Engineering Inspection Team

The Public Works Construction Engineering Inspection Team inspects city owned and private civil projects.

For a list of projects, please visit the Public Works Major Projects page.


Public Works Operations
is the cities largest division. This division houses the departments of Water Treatment, Utility Maintenance (Water Distribution, Sewer Collection, Road Maintenance, Storm Water), and Facility/Fleet Maintenance.

Environmental Services Division
Facilities Maintenance
Utility Maintenance
Water Treatment

Water Service

George Kristoff WTP Capacity: 60 million gallons per day.
The George Kristoff Water Treatment Plant diverts water from the Sacramento River and treats it for consumption. In addition to the plant, the city operates several water tanks to store water for fire and emergency needs.

For more information, including water quality documentation and average and peak demands, please visit the City of West Sacramento Water Treatment webpage.

    George Kristoff Water Treatment Plant
    400 North Harbor Blvd.
    West Sacramento, CA 95605

Sewer Service
The City of West Sacramento runs and maintains a sewer collection system consisting of 12 sewer pump stations.  The collected sewage is then delivered to the Sacramento County Regional Sanitation District (SRCSD) via the 19-mile pipeline for treatment.

For more information on Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant, please visit their website at To report a sewer back-up, please contact Public Works at (916) 617-4850.

Environmental Services 
For information about environmental division programs click on the below links:

Book of Fees
Solid Waste
Water Master Plan - Draft NEW
Urban Water Management Plan
Storm Water Management
Water Awareness and Conservation Programs
Water Conservation Municipal Code Section 13.04, Article IX

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