West Sac Flood Protect is working quickly and efficiently to face the challenges of stricter flood control standards imposed by the State. These standards must be met by 2025 and West Sac Flood Protect is working together with their project partners to make the required improvements a reality.

Why is West Sac Flood Protect improving levees in West Sacramento?

  • The number one priority of West Sac Flood Protect and the City of West Sacramento is to increase public safety and protect property.
  • To achieve a minimum 200-year level of flood protection as mandated by the State.
  • To ensure continuing federal and State funding assistance for levee repairs and maintenance.

The City and West Sac Flood Protect have created partnerships to leverage local funds with State and federal flood risk reduction funding. The majority of the cost for the levee improvement projects are funded by cost sharing agreements with our partnering agencies.

Village Parkway South Officially Open

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held to open Village Parkway South for the public’s use on Friday, June 17.  The new roadway is Phase I of the Southport Levee Improvement Project. Levee construction is scheduled to start later this year.

What's Happening in Southport?

The Southport Levee Improvement Project improves nearly six miles of vulnerable levee along the Sacramento River west levee in Southport.

Phase I – Village Parkway South Improvements

Phase I construction of Village Parkway South is complete! For more information about this project take a look at our project newsletter.

Village Parkway looking south towards Gregory Avenue

Village Parkway looking north between Gregory Avenue and Davis Road

Phase II – Southport Levee Improvements Project

Phase II includes the actual levee construction and is scheduled to start later this year. The plans and specifications for the levee improvement project have been finalized and the project is currently being advertised for bid.  The advertisement period is expected to run through October, award of a construction contract in November, and construction commencing this fall/winterThe project is expected to be completed in 2018.  Staff has finalized consultant agreements for all construction support services, including construction management and environmental compliance support services needed during construction of the levee improvements.  See bid results here.

In preparation for the upcoming construction, West Sac Flood Protect is continuing to perform testing on structures scheduled to be removed as part of the project. We’re also performing environmental tests to ensure safety and measure potential impacts on wildlife. Residents in the area may experience light construction impacts including noise, dust and transportation delays as part of the advance construction preparatory work. 

Under Construction
Southport Levee Improvement Project
West Sac Flood Protect is leading the project and has started construction on the first phase of the project, Village Parkway South. This levee project is nearly six miles long and is estimated to cost $190,000,000.

Sacramento Bank Project - South River Road

The Sacramento Bank Project was led by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The project, was completed in March 2015, improved a segment of the Sacramento River west levee just south of the Stone Lock. Improvements included construction of a new setback levee, installation of a seepage cutoff wall and relocation of South River Road to the new levee alignment. The new levee measured 2,200 feet in length and cost approximately $8,000,000.

The Rivers Early Implementation Project
West Sac Flood Protect completed this project in 2011. Construction improved the west levee of the Sacramento River near Bryte Park. The project corrected seepage and geometry deficiencies, including installation of a deep seepage cutoff wall. The levee spans 3,100 feet and provided a home for Bryte Nature Park Trail. The total cost for this project was approximately $21,000,000.

CHP Academy Early Implementation Project
This project, also led by West Sac Flood Protect, reconstructed the south levee of the Sacramento Bypass to correct seepage and geometry deficiencies, including installation of a seepage cutoff wall. Construction concluded in 2011. The project cost $11,500,000 and repaired 6,300 feet of levee.

Yolo Bypass South Project - Slip Repair #1
Levee repair and reconstruction along the Yolo Bypass south of Highway 80 was completed in 2009. The US Army Corps of Engineers led this project that included improving adjacent drainage facilities. The overall project improved 1,400 feet of levee and cost approximately $2,400,000.

Yolo Bypass Project - Slip Repair #2 
2,500 feet of slip repairs were completed in 2011 to a section of the Yolo Bypass Levee north of Interstate 80/Hwy 50 along the Yolo Bypass. The US Army Corps of Engineers was the lead on this $3,500,000 project.

I Street Bridge Early Implementation Project
Constructed just downstream of the I Street Bridge in 2008, the project corrected seepage and geometry deficiencies with the levee. The 475-foot levee work included removing non-compliant vegetation in compliance with the US Army Corps of Engineers standards. The $1.6 million project was completed in 2009 and provided the footprint for the extension of River Walk Park.

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Subsequent Environmental Impact Report

The West Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency is announcing preparation of a Subsequent Environmental Impact Report to analyze use of a new borrow material site, referred to as Borrow One, for construction of the Southport Levee Improvement Project. 

See the Notice of Preparation here
See the Draft Subsequent Environmental Impact Report here
See the Notice of Availability here

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