Welcome to the City of West Sacramento General Plan Update website. This website provides:

  • current information on the status of the Update program,
  • the ability to download project documents and presentations, and
  • an easy means for the public to provide comments to the City and the General Plan Update Consultants.

What's New?

Policy Issues Papers

The City will be hosting a series of workshops with the Planning Commission to discuss General Plan issue papers. The issue papers deal the key questions that must be discussed and answered to complete the update to the General Plan Policy Document. Topics include amortization policies, annexation policies, level of service standards, the future of trucking facilities, parks standards, and healthy communities. Check out the "Upcoming Events" page for information on the Planning Commission workshops.

Alernatives Newsletter

The Alternatives Newsletter is now available. This document looks at alternate ways of accommodating projected population, housing, and employment growth over the next twenty years. The purpose of this Newsletter is to present and compare three land use alternatives. Through the public review process, the community and City officials will have an opportunity to review and discuss the three land use alternatives. At the end of the review process, the City Council will select one of the alternatives - or some hybrid of the alternatives - as the basis for revising the Land Use Diagram in the West Sacramento General Plan.

Public Review Draft Background Report

The West Sacramento General Plan Background Report was originally adopted in 1990 and last amended in 2000. The Updated Background Report, released for public review on September 30, 2009, provides a "snapshot" of West Sacramento's existing conditions, trends, and regulations for 2007 to 2008. It describes a wide range of topics within the general plan planning area. Unlike the policy document, a background report is intended to be objective and policy-neutral. The information in this report is used to better understand the issues facing the city and will inform the development of the draft Policy Document. The Background Report will also serve as the environmental setting in the general plan environmental impact report.

Out-of-Town Worker Survey

As part of the Update effort, the City wants to focus on the day-time population and learn more about people who work in West Sacramento, but live outside of the city limits. We would like for out-of-town workers to share with us their views about West Sacramento. We feel that this information will be useful in not only meeting your day-time needs, but also learning about what factors are involved in choosing a place to live.

Thank you for your participation.