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Art Reception - Wounded Bird Revisit

Wounded Bird Revisited will be on view at Gallery 1075 inside the West Sacramento Community Center from January 3rd to January 30th.  
Please join us for the free artist reception Wednesday, January 16th from 5pm to 7pm.  Light refreshments will be provided.  

This January Gallery 1075 shares the work of Ronald Kendall in his exhibition Wounded Bird Revisited.  The display is a collection of paintings with a surreal flair.  Kendall’s foray into painting is a recent one, but he has been a creative all his life. He earned a degree in studio art from UC Davis in the 70s, where he was able to study under Wayne Thiebauld and William Wiley.  Professionally, Kendall’s career took him behind the lenses of film and video cameras.  After 30 years behind Kendall found himself at a place in his life where he was compelled to stop filming the real world and start painting the world of his imagination.

His new works reflect the five decades he has fought against his urges to paint. Kendall’s works are spontaneous and prolific after he yielded to his compulsion to think less and paint more. Each painting is like a haunting journey through a hellish landscape filled with creature-like humans. It is often unclear if the subjects are hopefully emerging into the light or sinking into the darkness. “I don’t know where this is taking me but my art seems to have a life of its own,” said Kendall. “In my commercial work I was compelled to worry about every pixel and every frame of everything I did. The pressure of judgment has suddenly vanished from my paintings and I am now headed in the direction that I always wanted to go. I just am left wondering where it is taking me and why it has taken so long to get here.”