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West Sac Teachers Equity Film Series: My Name Is Khan

At the Black Box Theater

This is a FREE event ... plus Free snacks, water, and a raffle! Students, parents, and teachers of WUSD encouraged to go. WSTA believes in bringing educational opportunities to create a stronger community. A short discussion follows. 

WUSD students may receive extra credit for attendance for this West Sacramento Community Event. This event is intended for 4th - 12th grade students, parents and WUSD teachers,

Start the Spring break vacation with a movie that makes you feel joyful and that great things do happen! Students come with your friends, bring the family, or come alone, but share the laughter with the audience.

West Sac Teachers believe that students are at the center of everything we do in public education. To create a positive environment in our schools, we must educate ourselves about diverse cultures and see truly how similar we all are. Watching a film and discussing it can do that. Our goal is to improve relationships at school and in the community. Join us for this wonderful blockbuster film from 2010. It is like a "Forrest Gump" meets Bollywood -- a film so entertaining and engaging that it will make you laugh, cry, and jump up and cheer!

"There is something truly incredible about coming across a movie that not only captures your attention with its unmistakable originality but touches your heart with the message it conveys... intriguing and empowering to see such a platform being used to shine a light on important and relevant social issues."

As a generation that finds solace in representation and activism in the media and television, this film is solid proof that messages of diversity and equity can be showcases to stimulate conversations and enact change within society... especially when Muslim-Americans face more backlash and hate than ever before, such messages are crucial and necessary." Simra Mariam, Contributor 11/20/17 Huffington Post.

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