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Apply Now for City Startup Challenge

Post Date:10/26/2018 10:00 AM

Applications are now being accepted from startups to help the City of West Sacramento create a citizen engagement tool using augmented reality to provide residents an enhanced experience of city infrastructure projects.  Through the Startup In Residence Program (STIR) the City has previously created a volunteer sign up tool and an app to help address homelessness.

 changemakers event participant presents idea about volunteer app

Help Us Complete Another Project!

Apply by November 7, 2018!

The City is seeking an augmented reality software product that would allow City staff to generate project simulations that would enable residents to visit project sites and use their smartphones or tablets to experience three-dimensional simulations of proposed projects superimposed on the project site rather than simply viewing two-dimensional renderings or web images.

Like most local jurisdictions, the City of West Sacramento seeks community input regarding proposed development and infrastructure projects. However, it can be very difficult to communicate the characteristics of these projects to residents in a way that allows them to assess potential impacts and generate informed opinions while the project is under consideration. As a result, misunderstandings occur, and are usually not detected until the project is under construction or even complete. In those situations, residents feel that the impact of the proposed projects was not made clear to them, and staff wonder what they could have done differently.

The current situation results from both the difficulty of expressing project information visually, and the constraints on City resources and staff time that would be necessary to create and distribute better visualizations, and/or to talk individual residents through the proposed projects.

This product should have the following key characteristics:

  • Staff-managed; does not require a third party or specialized skills to use
  • Free download
  • No ads
  • Functional on both Apple and Android devices
  • UI should facilitate the inclusion of links to additional project information
  • UI should allow addition of explanatory messages into the simulation
  • UI should allow users to immediately provide feedback to City
  • Back-end analytics should allow staff to count how many views a project gets.

Apply by November 7, 2018!

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