Councilmember Johannessen Recognized for Service to the City

Post Date:11/08/2018 11:13 AM

The City Council presented a proclamation at Wednesday night's meeting to honor outgoing Councilmember Mark Johannessen for his many impactful years or service. 

 mark johannessen given proclamation by mayor at last city council meeting


Proclamation of The City Council of The City of West Sacramento Recognizing Mark Johannessen for 12 Years of Service as a Member of the City Council

WHEREAS, Mark Johannessen was elected to the City Council in November 2006, reelected in 2010, and re-elected for a third term in 2014; and

WHEREAS, Mark is a West Sacramento business and community leader with a long history of working with families and government agencies; and

WHEREAS, Mark uses his professional training as a Certified Public Accountant, Family Law attorney and court mediator to help navigate complex City issues; and

WHEREAS, Mark's calm demeanor and thoughtful questions have helped drive discussions and consensus on numerous agenda items before the Council; and

WHEREAS, Mark served admirably on the West Sacramento Port Commission and was a key member of the team credited with turning around the Port's profitability; and

WHEREAS, Mark co-chaired of the Age-Friendly Advisory Committee which developed the City's first Age-Friendly Action Plan to foster programs and initiatives that create an active, livable West Sacramento community for all ages; and

WHEREAS, Mark served on the executive commission for the Homeless, and the Yolo County Housing authority, helping assure that residents in need can obtain services and affordable shelter; and

WHEREAS, Mark served on multiple other outside bodies during his time as a Council member, including: City/County 2x2 Committee, Community Choice Aggregation Steering Committee, Streetcar Policy Steering Committee (Alternate), Yolo Habitat Conservancy (Alternate), Yolo Solano Air Quality Management District, Waterfront Coordinating Committee, and Yolo Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

WHEREAS, Mark has a passion for technology, and led the effort to bring the Code for Hood Youth Hackathon to the City, which annually teaches more than 100 West Sacramento teens about coding, engineering, web and video game design; and

WHEREAS, Mark retired from the City Council on November 7, 2018, leaving behind a legacy of good work and accomplishments that have improved the quality of life for countless West Sacramento residents.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED that the City Council of the City of West Sacramento recognizes Mark Johannessen for his enormous contributions to the City of West Sacramento and wishes Mark health and happiness in his future endeavors.

PROCLAIMED this 7th day of November 2018.