West Capitol Ave Reconfigured With Two-Way Bike Lane Added

Post Date:01/10/2019 12:02 PM

 west capitol ave and 7th street signs

West Capitol Avenue has been reconfigured to improve transportation to better accommodate bicycles, pedestrians and automobiles with these new additions:

  • Two-way separated bicycle path along West Capitol Avenue (Grand Street to 5th Street)
  • New traffic signal at Tower Bridge Gateway – 7th Street intersection
  • West Capitol Avenue auto segment converted to one-way (eastbound) for traffic
  • New 7th Street Segment (West Capitol Avenue to Tower Bridge Gateway)
  • 7th Street Parking Lot with Accessible Ramps

2019-01-08 Gateway bike lane sign

parking lot at west cap ave and 7th street

New parking lot on 7th street

west cap ave and 7th street bike lanes

New two-way bike path from Grand Street to 5th Street

2019-01-08 Gateway rock landscaping in front of Raley's

This segment of the Washington District Sustainable Community Infrastructure Project provides streets, sidewalks, and utilities for future mixed use development in what is called the City's Grand Gateway.

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