Electric JUMP Scooters Arrive In West Sacramento

Post Date:02/07/2019 5:15 PM

100 JUMP scooters were distributed in the cities of West Sacramento and Sacramento on Friday, February 8th. The scooters are available at various JUMP bike rack locations including in front of City Hall, at Raley Field, The Barn, and at 3rd and C streets in the Washington District.

With the scooter launch, Uber is building on its existing JUMP bike share service-which currently has more than 1,000 electric pedal-assist bikes available across West Sacramento, Sacramento, and Davis. 

"JUMP ebikes burst onto the local scene as one of the most popular mobility innovations ever, as we're all smiling and waving as we pedal around town with that little extra zing,” said West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon. “Learning from dozens of other cities, we're excited to add JUMP electric scooters as another inclusive, efficient, environmentally-friendly, and fun way to explore and enjoy our two cities, without having to worry about parking."

Rules and Safety

  • The scooters go 15 miles an hour and can only be used on City Streets and bike lanes, traveling the same direction as traffic.
  • It is illegal to ride JUMP scooters on the sidewalk.
  • Must be 18 or older and have a valid California driver’s license to ride.
  • “Kick off” to get the scooter going, and press the throttle on the right handlebar for a boost.
  • Press the brake on the left handlebar to slow down or use the step brake to come to a more immediate stop.
  • When finished with a ride, always park at a bike rack or an area that doesn’t block the sidewalk.
  • Scooters are free to unlock and cost $0.15 per minute after that.

 How to Sign Up

Riders need to download the Uber app prior to using a scooter:



Open the Uber app and select Bike & Scooter from the top menu to locate and reserve a JUMP scooter.

Helmet Giveaway

As part of the launch, JUMP hosted a helmet giveaway at the Barn where many West Sacramento JUMP riders including Council members Chris Ledesma, Babs Sandeen and Mayor Christopher Cabaldon got fitted for safety.JUMP-City council members with bike helmets


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