West Sacramento Urban Farms In Full Production

Post Date:02/28/2019 2:50 PM

All five urban farm sites throughout the city, totaling seven acres of land, will be in production this year! The Center for Land-Based Learning announced all five urban farm sites are planning on hosting a variety of events that will be open to the public. Get ready for multiple farm stands throughout the city, you-pick flower events, volunteer opportunities, field trips for kids and much more!
β€œFor the last four years, we have been expanding onto new sites,β€œ says Sara Bernal, Program Manager for the West Sacramento Urban Farm Program. β€œ2019 is all about getting more effective at working with our community, providing the highest quality produce and getting folks excited about making this city the best it can be.” 
The urban farms are growing the local economy while increasing food access and beautifying the city. All sites are working to become certified SNAP vendors so that residents can use food stamps to buy fresh produce directly from farmers.

sara bernal planting on Riverfront Far at the Barn

Urban Farm Locations

For more information about the program and the farms, please visit landbasedlearning.org/west-sac, read the full press release provided by the Center for Land-Based Learning, or watch our video series.

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