4/09/20 Update: Stay Home for Easter

Post Date:04/09/2020 5:01 PM

Stay home for Easter

Yolo County Health is reminding residents and businesses about the importance of staying at home and practicing social distancing as much as possible to protect the health of family, friends and community members.

During a time when people traditionally gather for holiday celebrations, residents should remember that the Public Health Order was issued to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 and that gatherings of any kind should be cancelled. Groups that gather have the potential of spreading COVID-19. There are examples throughout the world where a single individual infected multiple people with COVID-19, and even led to deaths.

"The COVID-19 virus continues to spread through Yolo County and is a danger to people of all ages,” said Yolo County Public Health Officer Dr. Ron Chapman. “I know that this holiday is a time for people to gather but this is NOT the time to gather. Gathering will cause more sickness and death. Please stay at home and practice social distancing."

Social distancing does not have to mean social loneliness. The following are creative yet thoughtful ways that people can still connect, especially during this holiday: 

  • Posting photos or stories on social media
  • Calling or texting individual to share well wishes
  • Hosting virtual egg hunts or celebrations with friends
  • Hiding holiday gifts or eggs in the house or backyard for those living in the residence
  • Dropping off holiday baskets on doorsteps
  • Supporting local businesses by ordering holiday gifts or take out

West Sacramento Parks & Recreation has two easy crafts for kiddos or grown-ups to make for a fun Easter at home weekend.

Please watch this video for more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7xaZs4Qzjk&feature=youtu.be


Updated restaurant and business guide

Our popular list of West Sacramento restaurants serving takeout or delivery has been updated!

Please see this complete list of what's OPEN FOR BUSINESS.


Eviction Moratorium Amendments

In an effort to align West Sacramento Ordinance 20-5, which placed a temporary moratorium on residential and commercial evictions due to nonpayment of rent resulting from the impacts of COBID-19 with the Governor’s recent Executive Order, the City Council approved two specific amendments to the local ordinance at the April 8, 2020 City Council meeting.

The first amendment addresses the length of time that tenants have to notify a landlord of their inability to pay rent. The City’s ordinance originally required tenants to provide notification before the rent was due; which was contrary to Governor’s Executive Order N-37-20. The City’s ordinance was amended to allow tenants up to 7 days after rent is due to provide notice to the landlord.

The second amendment addresses the reasons tenants can provide to their landlord for the delay in rent payment. The City’s ordinance includes specific reasons justifying delayed rent payments, all of which mirror the Governor’s Executive Order. However, the recent Executive Order also added “including but not limited to” language, allowing tenants to provide additional justifications.  The City’s Ordinance was amended accordingly.

 COVID-19 Resources for the Agricultural Community

In preparation for the start of the agricultural season, Yolo County is providing agricultural employers with recommended strategies to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and resources to ensure agricultural workers have access to vital benefits. 

Under the shelter in place order, agriculture is deemed an essential activity that is permitted to operate to ensure continued food production, processing and distribution. With migrant housing centers set to begin opening this April, Yolo County has been working with agricultural business partners to ensure they have the information and resources they need to protect and assist workers.

“Farm workers are essential to the food supply and economy of Yolo County. There are thousands of workers reporting to their fields, farms and ranches across the county to ensure our local agricultural industry remains robust and bountiful,” said Yolo County Agricultural Commissioner John Young. “Yolo County recognizes that these workers and businesses play a vital role in our local economy and we need to do what we can to support the local workforce and businesses. It is very important local agricultural producers do their part to implement stringent hygiene and social distancing protocols to keep the agricultural workforce healthy.”

To protect worker health, agricultural employers are encouraged to follow guidelines from the UC Davis Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety, located at https://aghealth.ucdavis.edu/covid19.

Coronavirus in Yolo County

The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Yolo County is 71 with 3 deaths. Stay up to date by visiting the Yolo County Novel Coronavirus website.


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