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What’s Happening with Memorial Park and West Sacramento Little League?

Post Date:02/02/2018 10:01 AM

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the status of Memorial Park and West Sacramento Little League. The City is providing the following information in hopes of clearing up some of the misconceptions.

Due to a court ordered settlement, the City is required to implement ADA improvements to Memorial Park no later than 2020. In addition, Public Works has a large sidewalk and street improvement project slated for the area that will impact accessibility to the park during construction. This will have an impact on all of the activities at Memorial Park but none greater than Little League. The City has been in discussions with the volunteer leadership of West Sacramento Little League regarding the necessity to close Memorial Park for the 2019 season due to the construction and the need to find a new permanent home for West Sacramento Little League. The City is working with Little League to try and address the field shortage the closure will create and to identify temporary and long term solutions as Little League has a rich and strong history in the community and provides a vital program for our City’s youth. We are confident that working together we will find solutions to continue this great tradition and allow the program to grow.


  1. I hear Memorial Park is closing. Why? Memorial Park, as well as five other City parks and road facilities, were the subject of an April 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) lawsuit settlement that required ADA improvements to be completed by 2020. In addition, the City of West Sacramento Public Works Department has a large water and sewer main replacement project and road rehabilitation project in the State Street area coupled with a sidewalk curb and gutter project around Memorial Park. The City is working to schedule these projects concurrently in 2019 to minimize the disruption to Memorial Park and the neighborhood. However, it will necessitate the closure of the Park for the 2019 Little League Season as well as other activities at the Park.
  2. Is Memorial Park closing permanently? The park is only being closed in 2019 in order to make necessary ADA improvements, water and sewer line replacements in the State Street neighborhood as well as a road rehabilitation project. City staff are coordinating these projects in order to provide the least disruption to the neighborhood and community.
  3. Is Memorial Park being sold? The park is NOT being sold. It will remain a park site.
  4. Will Little League have a place to play in 2019? Currently Little League has practice and games at multiple sites throughout the City including Alyce Norman, Bryte, and Bridgeway Lakes parks as well as Memorial Park. While Little League will not be able to play the 2019 season at Memorial Park, City staff and Little League leadership are confident that the 2019 season can be played at the remaining youth sports facilities located throughout the City using creative scheduling.
  5. Will Little League be able to return to Memorial Park once the improvements are made?Decisions regarding the future of Memorial Park have NOT been made. A Request for Proposals for the redesign ADA compliant options for Memorial Park is scheduled to be issued in the next couple of months including options with and without youth sports fields. Including options for multiple fields and/or a Legacy Field.
  6. Is Little League disbanding? Little League will continue to provide baseball opportunities for youth in West Sacramento.
  7. Why did the City wait to implement the improvements required by the lawsuit settlement? There is a long and rich history of sports activities, including Little League, at Memorial Park. A conscientious decision was made to wait as long as possible to implement the changes at Memorial Park in order to: 1) Allow Little League to continue to play at the historic location before permanent changes needed to be made; 2) Schedule needed improvements at other parks cited in the litigation first, again, to allow activities to continue at Memorial Park for as long as possible; and 3) Budget the funds to implement the necessary ADA improvements over the past ten year period. Not all the improvements to all the parks could be done at one time.
  8. Is Little League moving to Westmore Oaks Elementary School? Currently Little League plays at multiple sites in the City including Memorial Park, however, there is a need for additional field space. The City with the concurrence of the Washington Unified School District, as part of the City’s Parks and Open Space Master Plan update, is looking at reuse options for Westmore Oaks Elementary School (the Old River City High School) fields that could accommodate temporary as well as permanent youth sports fields that could address the long term needs of not only Little League but other youth sport organizations in the City.
  9. How can I get involved? The City’s Parks and Open Space Master Plan update is currently underway with opportunities to provide input regarding the City’s future needs related to recreation and leisure activities. Please visit for more information.
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