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Bridgeway Drain Rehabilitation Project

Post Date:06/25/2018 10:38 AM

Due to the excessive rainfall and high river stages during the past winter, the Bridgeway Lakes Drainage Ditch is no longer capable of providing 100-year flood protection for the 1,000 acres of residential development and agricultural land served by Reclamation District 900. The new storm water pipeline is necessary due to sloughing, debris, and sediment build-up in the Bridgeway Lakes Drainage Ditch that occurred during the flood events of the winter of 2016. The least environmentally damaging alternative is to construct the pipeline versus excavation and re-constructing the damaged areas within the Bridgeway Lakes Drainage Ditch. 

Kenric Jameson, General Manager of both RD 900 and the West Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency says the drainage canal in question is one of the main conveyances for storm water to the main pump station for Bridgeway Lakes. RD 900 has made emergency (temporary) repairs to ensure flooding did not occur in the Bridgeway Lakes community. The US Army Corp of Engineers no longer allows drainage canals to be positioned so close to a federally authorized levee so the permanent fix is to pipe the canal. While the canal in question is RD 900's, because the cause of the canal blockage was a levee failure, the West Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency (WSAFCA) is the agency in charge of this project.

According to City of West Sacramento Flood Protection Manager Greg Fabun, "While providing a permanent drainage solution for Bridgeway Lakes and other areas, the project also advances, and reduces the cost of, the future levee improvement for this segment of levee along the deep water ship channel."


June Construction

  • material delivery
  • mobilization
  • construction staging
  • ditch dewatering
  • locating existing underground facilities and pipe installation.

Construction work is starting at the RD 900 main drain pump station and will continue north to the SIP detention pond. The project will construct approximately 2.2 miles of storm drain pipeline (18” to 54” in diameter) and associated facilities east of the Deep Water Ship Channel. Project signs have been installed along Marshall Road and Southport Parkway and notifications will be sent out to residents informing them of the project. The latest schedule shows project completion in September 2018. For questions please contact at 916-617-4645. 

The project should not cause any traffic disruption since it is on the on the land side of the Deep Water Ship Channel adjacent to the Bridgeway Lakes subdivision. 


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