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Thank you for considering West Sacramento for your business. We are pleased to welcome you and share our City's business resources.

The City of West Sacramento values entrepreneurship and your business investment in our community. Our goal is to inform you about the business services that the City provides, as well as outside resources to help you succeed.

Economic Development staff is available to personally assist you with these services and technical assistance. Please call (916) 617-4535 or visit their office located on the 3rd floor of City Hall. The City also works closely with the West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce to assist local businesses.

Welcome to the City of West Sacramento. We wish you every success with your business venture.

How to Start a Business in West Sacramento

One of the City's main priorities is to create and support entrepreneurs and accelerate small business formation. West Sacramento has no local utility taxes, a low flat-rate business license fee and a full complement of economic development and business assistance services.

Step 1: Contact Economic Development

Step 2: Check Zoning information and demographics

Step 3: Select a location with assistance from Economic Development

Step 4: Apply for a Business License 

Step 5: Check requirements for a Building Permit


In addition, GO-Biz and Small Business Development Center both have great resources for starting your business.


Apply for a City Business License


California Business Portal Resources

The California Business Portal provides resources for new businesses at their website:



New business assistance resources

West Sacramento Business Advantages and Services

City Business Advantages and Services

  • Fully-accredited West Sacramento Police Department
  • West Sacramento Fire Department Class 2 Insurance Service Office rating
  • Industrial development bonds and infrastructure assistance

Financial Advantages

  • Low-cost City business license fee
  • No City business license tax on sales or revenue
  • No utility taxes on electricity, gas, telephone, water or cable
  • Reduced fees and fee credits available in City focus areas

Streamlined Building Permits, Project Team, Economic Development Liaison

  • Streamlined, one-stop, expedited building permit process
  • Guaranteed occupancy schedule to meet company timelines
  • Economic Development Liaison to Shepard permits and incentives

West Sacramento Project Team

  • The City of West Sacramento will create a Business Project Team, led by the Economic Development Program Manager, to facilitate permits and occupancy for the Company's desired occupancy schedule.

Economic Development Liaison

  • Economic Development staff will be assigned as your single point of contact to coordinate business license, permits and incentives with regional and state agencies.

Available buildings, "Shovel-Ready" land and Reduced Development Fees

  • Extensive building inventory available for lease
  • Shovel-ready, building permit-only parcels available from 1-180 acres
  • Reduced connection/impact fees available in selected areas

Phases Occupancy Schedule

  • The City of West Sacramento offers an expedited permitting schedule for new construction and tenant improvements. The City may allow a phased occupancy schedule, during permit and plan review, reducing the project's permit and construction timeline. 

Yolo County Workforce Services

  • West Sacramento Job Center located at 500 Jefferson Blvd.
  • Employee recruitment, pre-screening and testing services
  • Paid On-the-job training and wage reimbursement during training
  • Employer Services Line: 916-275-6307 or visit

PG&E Economic Development Rate

  • 12% discount on electricity available
  • Discount must be a factor in the business location
  • PG&E offers design and energy rebates for energy-efficient construction

SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives)


Business Location Inquiries


Diane Richards

(916) 617-4538