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Walking in West Sacramento 

Walking is the simplest and least expensive mode of transportation. You also get all the health benefits of exercise while transporting yourself at a pace that allows you to experience the sights, sounds and smells that you would miss in a car. It’s easy, inexpensive, invigorating and non-polluting. You don’t have to drive in traffic, look for a parking space or even pay for parking.

Additional resources such as maps and safety tips for getting around on foot are maintained by WALKSacramento at http://www.walksacramento.org/resources/.  

If your destination seems too far to travel on foot, you can still take advantage of the benefits of walking in the following ways:

  • Walk to a bus stop, and take Yolobus.
  • Walk to a meeting point for your carpool or vanpool.
  • Once you get to where you're heading, walk for small errands and outings.


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West Sacramento strives to provide well-designed and maintained facilities that promote public use and foster cycling and walking as viable and preferred modes of transportation.

The purpose of updating the 2013 Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Trails Master Plan (BPTMP) was to lay out a renewed vision of connected bikeways, walkways, and trails that link together neighborhoods, places of employment, shopping centers, parks, and schools.

Biking and walking are low-cost, non-polluting, healthy, fun and sustainable forms of transportation that are ideal for many people and types of trips. The BPTMP update seeks to build awareness and support for a shared roadway with equal use by bicyclists, pedestrians and drivers. The ultimate goal of the BPTMP is to increase the number of people in West Sacramento who choose to bike or walk to work, school, errands or recreation.

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