Itinerant Vendor Permits

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The City of West Sacramento licenses vendors whom engage in the business of door-to-door sales, peddling, soliciting, or services or sales in a public place. Businesses such as seasonal sales booths, ice cream trucks, food trucks or carts, taxi or limo services, or therapeutic massage are required to obtain an itinerant vendor permit.


Applicants interested in registering with the City of West Sacramento for a vendor permit shall file an Itinerant Vendor Background Investigation Form with the Community Development Department office. All applicants must own, or be employed by, a business with an active business license with the City. 

A one-time, non-refundable application fee of $52.00 is due at the time of submission. One approved, the vendor badge is valid for 1 year.

After application approval, a badge will be provided to vendors to wear while conducting business.

Live Scan Process

Applicants will register for a Live Scan appointment with the Community Development Department staff once an application is received. Live Scan appointments are conducted at the West Sacramento Police Department, where staff will take a photo and fingerprints of proposed vendors. A background check will be completed, which takes an average of 2-4 weeks. Approved vendor badges are collected at the Community Development Department. 


Itinerant vendor badges are renewed yearly for a $10.00 fee at the West Sacramento Police Department

Reporting Vendors Without Permits

Any instance of employees vending, conducting door-to-door sales, or services without an itinerant vendor badge may be reported to the City's Code Enforcement Division