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General (100)

New No. New No. Document
101 G-1 Legend and Abbreviations
110 EX-1 Trench Backfill

Streets (200)

New No. New No. Document
201 ST-1 Vertical Curb & Gutter with Sidewalk
202 SPST-7 Southport Street Std. For Separated Curb, Gutter & Sidewalk
203 ST-2 Median and Barrier Curb
204 ST-2A Concrete Median
205 ST-3 Driveway w/Curb and Gutter Separate from Sidewalk
206 ST-4 Driveway w/Curb and Gutter Monolithic to Sidewalk
207 ST-5 Curb and Gutter Transitions for Drain Inlets
Parallel Curb Ramp New Construction
Parallel Curb Retrofit
Perpendicular Curb Ramp - New Construction
Perpendicular Curb Ramp Retrofit
Curb Ramp Grooving and Detectable Warning Surfaces
212 ST-10 Asphalt Concrete Dike
213 ST-13 Asphalt Concrete Path
220 ST-14 Street Section North Area
221 SPST-1 Southport Street Section Residential Street
222 SPST-2 Southport Street Section Commercial/Industrial & Arterial Street
223 ST-15 Commercial & Industrial Local Cul-De-Sacs & Expanded Corner North Area
224 SPST-3 Commercial & Industrial Local Cul-De-Sacs & Expanded Corner Southport
225 SPST-4 Commercial & Industrial Cul-De-Sacs & Expanded Corner Collector Southport
226 ST-16 Residential Cul-De-Sacs & Expanded Corner North Area
227 SPST-5 Residential Cul-De-Sacs & Expanded Corner Southport
228 ST-14A Rural Road Standard
240 ST-11 Bollard (Removable Only) Single Lock
241 ST-9 Street Barricade
Sidewalk Barricade
243 ST-8 Survey Monument
244 ST-8A Survey Monument Out of Roadway
250 ST-12 Street Sign Assembly Detail
251 ST-16A Sign Post Extension Detail
261 SPST-9 Std. Bus Turnout with Separated Sidewalk
262 ST-19A Plan View Bus Shelter
263 ST-19B Front View Bus Shelter
264 ST-19C Right Side View & Bus Shelter Foundation
270 ST-20 Parking Spaces

Storm Drain (300)

New No. New No. Document
301 SD-4 Curb Inlet and Catch Basin
302 SD-1 Storm Drain Manhole
303 SD-2 Flat Slab Manhole Top
304 SD-3 Saddle Manhole
305 SD-5 Storm Drain Junction Box
306 SD-6 Storm Drain Marker
307 N/A Storm Drain Manhole Outside Paved Area

Sanitary Sewer (400)

New No. New No. Document
401 SS-2 Residential Sewer Service w/ Cleanout
402 SS-8 Sewer Flushing Inlet
403 SS-4 Sewer Repair
404 SS-1 Sewer Manhole
405 SS-5 Manhole with Inside Drop Connection
406 SS-12 Manhole with Outside Drop Connection
407 SS-6 Sewer Manhole Outside Paved Area
408 SS-7 Sewer Manhole Abandonment
409 SS-11 Sewer/Water Separation Requirements

Water (500)

New No. New No. Document
501 W-6 Residential Water Service and Meter Assembly (3/4" to 1")
502 W-7 Commercial Water Service and Backflow Assembly (3/4" to 2")
503 W-8 Commercial Water Service and Backflow Assembly (4" and Larger)
504 W-9 Serv. Lat. & Fire, Backflow Assembly w/ Domestic Tee for Combo Serv.
510 W-10 1" and 2" Air and Vacuum Release Valve
511 W-4 2" Blowoff Assembly
512 W-4A 4" Blowoff Assembly
513 W-2 Typical Valve and Water Main Installation 6" thru 10"
514 W-3 Typical Valve and Watermain Installation 12" thru 36"
515 W-1 Fire Hydrant Lateral and Valve Assembly
516 W-1B Hydrant Marker (Blue Dot) Locations
517 ST-11A Fire Hydrant Bollard Detail
518 W-12 Thrust Restraint Assembly
519 W-5 Thrust Block Bearing Area Table
520 W-13 Valve Abandonment Detail
521 W-11 Water Service Behind Retaining Wall

Street Lighting (600)

New No. New No. Document
601 STL-1 Street Light Service Point
602 STL-3 Standard Street Light
603 STL-4 Post Top Street Light
604 STL-2 Typical Street Light Locations of Arterial Streets
605 STL-8 Intersection Lighting
606 STL-11 Street Light Conduits & Conductors Encasement
610 STL-5 Street Light Numbers
611 STL-6 Voltage Drop Calculation For a Two-Wire System
612 STL-7 Tables For Available Conduit Area and Conductor Size
613 STL-10 Street Light Pole Spacing & Lighting Distribution Guide

Landscaping & Irrigation (700)

New No. New No. Document
701 L-1 Tree Planting
702 L-2 Shrub Planting
710 I-1 Remote Control Valve
711 I-2 Pop-Up Impact Head
712 I-3 Pop-Up Sprinkler Head
713 I-4 Shrub Spray Sprinkler or Bubbler
714 I-5 Rotary Sprinkler Head
715 I-6 Quick Coupling Valve w/ Double Swing Joint
720 I-7 Pedestal Mounted Irrigation Controller
721 I-8 Wall Mounted Irrigation Controller

Private Development and Misc. (800)

New No. New No. Document
801 PD-1 Temporary Drainage Inlet

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