About Development Services

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Community Development Department is comprised of four divisions: Planning, Building, Development Engineering and Transportation. While each are functionally different, their integration is essential to the development and future of the City of West Sacramento.

The Building Division is responsible for reviewing plans, issuing building permits and conducting field inspections of buildings to ensure compliance with local and state mandated regulations related to building construction, maintenance, rehabilitation and accessibility.

The Planning Division is responsible for regulating the location and quality of new development in the City and serves as a resource to assist citizens and the development community in understanding and applying City of West Sacramento development policies in accordance with the General Plan, Zoning Ordinance and other applicable property development standards. The Planning Division provides information on development processes, land use, zoning and urban design. The division also serves as the primary staff support for the Planning Commission and the Agriculture and Natural Resources Commission.

The Development Engineering Division provides review and oversight of residential, commercial, industrial and multi-family projects. Collects fees and issues permits for grading, encroachment, connection and onsite permits.