Industrial General Permit

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What is the IGP?

The Industrial General Permit (IGP) regulates industrial stormwater discharges and authorized non-stormwater discharges from industrial facilities in California. The Industrial General Permit is called a general permit because many industrial facilities are covered by the same permit, but comply with its requirements at their individual industrial facilities. The State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) and Regional Water Quality Control Boards (collectively, the Water Boards) implement and enforce the Industrial General Permit.

Attachment A of the permit includes a complete list of facilities covered by the Industrial General Permit.

The City of West Sacramento is required to track all facilities within the City that require IGP coverage. New business licenses are reviewed for potential coverage requirements and referred to the Board if they do not provide proof of coverage (or non-applicability, as described below).  Read below for how to demonstrate compliance to the City.

New businesses with SIC codes that require coverage may provide their permit information by contacting the Environmental Services Department at (916) 617-4590. Please provide one of the following:

  • Proof of coverage
  • Proof of NEC
  • Approved NONA
  • Proof of submitting for any of the above
  • Or, other evidence that coverage is not required (such as communication with the Board)

How do I know if my business requires coverage?

Coverage requirements are based on a business’s Standard Industrial Code (SIC), as listed in Attachment A of the permit. Some businesses have an alternate code called the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). There are tools online to cross reference the two systems so that you can check if your NAICS code corresponds to an SIC code that requires coverage. Search on “NAICS to SIC crosswalk” or similar language. Learn more about the NAICS codes.

If your SIC code requires IGP coverage, your operations may qualify for a Certificate of Non-Exposure (NEC) or Notice of Non-Applicability (NONA). This helpful flow chart outlines how to determine your coverage requirements. However you should also consult with the Regional Board for confirmation.

A condition of “No Exposure” means that a Discharger’s industrial activities and materials are not exposed to stormwater. Learn more about this condition here. The NONA applies to businesses with onsite stormwater containment or discharges of stormwater under a wastewater permit. Discuss this option with the Regional Board if it may apply to your site.

How Do I Apply?

You can review the steps and apply for IGP coverage or an NEC here

If you have further questions, contact Regional Board for assistance.