High Water Bill?

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Did you recently get a high water bill? We’re here to help!

To start, let’s get a sense of average and high water use. Compare the numbers in the graph to your water bill. If your gallons per month for January or February is closer to water use in July, that would be considered high use. Also keep in mind that average monthly water use in West Sacramento is around 12,000 gallons. Anything over 40,000 gallons per month would be considered very high use for a residential home any time of the year.


What causes high water use?

The most common sources of high water use are running the sprinklers too long, or a toilet leak. We will look at each and what to do about them.


Running the sprinklers too long

For a frame of reference, traditional sprinklers should not run for more than 10 minutes at a time (on average). Why is this? After 10 minutes the water just runs off to the street. No need to spend your water and money watering the sidewalk! If you think your landscape needs more than 10 minutes, you can add more start times; but remember to space out the time so the water can be absorbed by the soil. Give it about two hours or more (this can vary depending on the soil type in your yard). 

If you are intimidated about setting your sprinkler schedule, don’t worry! You can get an easy-to-understand summary of timers here: how to program your sprinkler timer. 

When you are ready to schedule your timer, try doing an online search for your specific sprinkler timer. Look on the box for the brand name like “Rain Bird”, “Irritrol”, “Hunter”, “Orbit” or “Toro”. Once you have found the brand, look for the model number like “ESP-6MT”, “SlimDial”, “X-Core”, “SST-600i” or some other jumble of words and letters! Enter the brand name and model number into your search and you should get manuals as well as online tutorials showing you how to adjust your timer.


Toilet leaks

The most common leak is a toilet leak. Luckily, it is also the easiest to find and fix! Visit this website for instructions and videos about finding and fixing toilet leaks.


Virtual Water Wise House Call

If you are interested in reducing your water bill, please also consider a Virtual Water Wise House Call! City Staff can discuss what is going on and help you find solutions over the phone! To get started, send the application below to ryanb@cityofwestsacramento.org.