Water Conservation Broken Sprinkler

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West Sacramento Connect

Report water waste through West Sacramento Connect. It is an easy way to send your questions and concerns directly to a City staff person.

  1. Click Here to access West Sacramento Connect
  2. Choose a Topic That Matches Your Concern
  3. Fill Out Your Request
  4. Create an Account, So You Can Track the Status and Any Responses (Optional)

You can also search your device’s app store for "West Sacramento Connect".

Water Waste Message Line

You can also report water waste through the Water Waste Message Line: (916) 617-4545.

Before you call, have the following information ready:

  1. Address of Water Waste
  2. Date and Time That You Observed the Water Waste
  3. What You Observed
    1. Irrigation Runoff
    2. Broken Sprinklers
    3. Washing a Car without a Shut-Off Nozzle
    4. Irrigation During Rainfall
    5. Sprinklers Turned to the Street
    6. Other forms of water waste

Within a few days, City Staff will contact the responsible party to issue a water waste warning, if appropriate.