Pending Administrative Actions

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Planning applications requiring design review and/or Zoning Administrator approval that are either under review or have been recently approved/denied are listed below. 

Westgate Assisted Living Facility Time Extension 

On March 13, the Zoning Administrator approved a two year time extension request for a previously approved assisted living facility at 2305 Jefferson Boulevard

Sutter Health Park Annual Parking Permit 

On March 10, the Zoning Administrator denied the request from River City Parking, LLC and Tower Bridge Gateway, LLC to use the property at the southeast corner of Tower Bridge Gateway and Riverfront Street for baseball game and special event parking during 2020. The request was denied because of the abundance of parking already available. The Zoning Administrator already approved 2,172 interim spaces for 2020 and there are 330 parking spaces available in public lots as well as 1,562 spaces available in the Ziggurat Garage

323 4th Street

The Planning Division received a design review application from Candid Drafting on behalf of the property owner for a partial roof replacement and stairwell/balcony replacement project located at 323 4th Street. The applicant proposes to remove and replace the balcony on the front of the building located closest to 4th Street.  The stairs on the northern side of the building will also be removed and replaced.  The balcony located at the rear of the building will also be replaced.  The roof is being partially replaced over the front second floor balcony.  The new balconies and stairwells will be made of wood frame materials that are similar to the existing materials.  The project is currently under review to determine if it is complete and compliant with the Washington Specific Plan. 

Staff Contact: Kathy Allen, Senior Planner 

 West Gateway Place Phase 2

Jamboree Housing submitted an application for a 60 unit affordable housing project at 801-810 Delta Lane. The project received Design Review approval on February 28, 2020. The project would be comprised of two buildings combined by a central courtyard and walkway. The building is proposed to be ±45 feet tall and includes a mix of 27 one-bedroom units, 18 two-bedroom units, and 15 three-bedroom units. The exterior materials are white stucco and both light and dark colored batten siding. Parking will be provided on-site and in the public parking lot at 808 Tower Bridge Gateway.