Climate Action Plan

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 The City of West Sacramento is currently preparing a comprehensive update to its original Draft Climate Action Plan (CAP) that was prepared in 2009 but never ultimately adopted. The CAP will demonstrate the City’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in a manner that is consistent with the State of California’s ambitious GHG reduction goals and reflective of the local community context. The CAP also supports West Sacramento’s climate action and sustainability goals established in the 2035 General Plan, including within the Mobility and Safety Elements. The strategies developed in the CAP can also reinforce policies and implementation measures in the Healthy Community Element. 

The CAP will analyze GHG emissions that result from community activities, including natural gas and electricity use in homes and businesses, transportation from residents and employees, and solid waste disposal and treatment, among other sources. It will also include a projection of how the community’s emissions could change in the future if no further action is taken to slow or reduce their growth.

Following analysis of the community’s emissions sources, the CAP process will evaluate different GHG target options and define a set of local actions that can be implemented to achieve the selected target. This process will be based on recommendations developed through the Mayors’ Commission on Climate Change, a joint leadership effort from the Cities of West Sacramento and Sacramento, and from resident and stakeholder input to ensure the plan uniquely reflects the West Sacramento community and priorities. 


Check back here for updates on CAP engagement activities and new project-related information.