Liberty Specific Plan

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Liberty Site plan

The Paik family is proposing the development of a new community in Southport which would consist of up to 1,503 residential units, a 17 acre K-8 school, up to 10,000 square feet of retail commercial, plus parks, greenbelts, and trails. The proposed project requires approval of a General Plan amendment, Specific Plan, Amendment of the Southport Framework Plan, rezone, Conditional Use Permit, and a vesting master tentative map. This project is located in the Northwest Village of the Southport Framework Plan area and includes approximately 340 acres, and is bounded on the east by the Sacramento River levee system, on the south by Davis Road, on the west by the Clarksburg Branch Line Trail, and on the north by Linden Road. The project is currently undergoing staff review. Hearings and workshops on the project will be held on the project at dates yet to be determined.


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