Fire Hydrant Flow Testing

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Regular hydrant testing is a significant component of the city's water supply system. Water systems are constantly being impacted by improvements, deterioration, changes in usage, and maintenance activities which may affect zone valve settings. As a result, it is important to periodically test all fire hydrants to determine what their capabilities would be in an emergency.

In addition to determining fire flows, testing can uncover a number of mechanical problems from valves that don't operate properly to leaks and even pump damaging debris flowing from hydrants. It is imperative that we discover problems and get them repaired before the hydrant is needed in an emergency.

Flow test data also provides necessary field information so that water service planners and the Fire Department can accurately estimate the capabilities of water mains. Water main and hydrant flow capabilities impact decisions as to what fire protection and fire resistance features are required for new developments and where priorities should be placed with respect to upgrading older, smaller water mains.

To obtain a water flow report please contact Fire Administration at (916) 617-4600. The fee for the report is $173.00.